Tuesday, July 2, 2019

🍰Not like this...🚶‍♀️

I wish there was a sturdy, straight, short bridge going safely over the gap between my old story and my new one. I would also like to be totally luminescent -- filled with light and love as I dance gracefully across.

Despite all of the things I have doing to be as responsible and creative as I know how to be regarding practical obligations (putting in the hours for income generating jobs as well as frustrating entrepenurial dead ends), bizarre random complications and challenges  (such an overflowing abundance lately), and many more activities in the way of self care and spiritual rituals, ( including massive purging of physical and metaphysical stuff I do not need); the above description of my passage is far from accurate.

I am baltering (Balter - To dance artlessly without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment) through the murky muck!

It's not a cakewalk, but there is a certain sweetness and mysterious beauty about the often dark and confusing territory found in these in-between places. AND there is an abundance of joy and magic as well. (Is it just me or are there more and more crazy cool synchronicities happening all the time?!)

This paradoxical mix, which I call "The Land of &" and Charles Eisenstein calls "The Space Between Stories", is not just showing up in my current personal world. It is also true of the larger "Marvelous Messy Middle" (SARK's name for this place) we are occupying collectively. Perhaps you are hanging out in some paralell universe like this too right now.

If so, I invite you to balter with me!

On this day of a Solar Eclipse (not visible here in USA) I am taking the ashes from my recently burned old journals (old stories) to the sea. I will flirt with the waves alongside my trusty young adventurer friends (internal children and two very real little boys) and dance with wild abandon.

Lots of change happening (partially what dictated brevity of this post) AND lots of wild magic!

I went to this favorite spot last week (it is a windy vortex on top of huge rocks with a view of the sea) and added a favorite quote to the photo.I can't find who originally said it, but it feels especially true right now! 

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