Saturday, August 11, 2018

🏰Castles & Dragons🐲

I love that my life includes castles --and dragons! I took the above photo of little darlings on a day filled with adventures last weekend.

This month, I have been playing hard, exploring several castles and labyrinths and engaging in other magical adventures with various young companions, as well as navigating a currently overflowing life --despite my best efforts to minimize all distractions.

This has left me little time for writing over the summer, so once again, I am sharing a previous piece.

This one is from a full moon post, so if you only follow my New Moon Blog, or you are new to my writing, (this was from January of 2016), I recommend you check it out.

Dragons and Tiger and Wolves, Oh My! 🐲🐯🐺😱

It has strategies for dealing with evildoers and difficult times. Even if you've read it before, IMHO, I think it's timely and worth a second look.

Today is the last eclipse of a series of three and a supermoon.

Whether or not these events in the sky have contributed to the blazing intensity of current times (as all of the astrologers are postulating), it has certainly been a fiery time for many of us recently.

One friend's home (and dog 😢) burned down during the Carr Fire in Redding CA on or near the last eclipse two weeks ago. She is a renter without insurance and no cushionand only social security for an income, since she was doing a work trade for rent. If you are feeling charitable and have a few dollars to donate, here is her go fund me campaign.

And on Wednesday (8/8), I nervously watched the firefighters (from the hill above their station at my nanny job) respond to a large nearby wildfire on Black Mountain. The kids and I watched many trucks, helicopters and planes rush to the scene. After work I hiked up a hill to view the billowing clouds of smoke in the distance and give thanks that it did not spread to my home.

I took this shadow selfie up on the hill observing and respecting the fire

You may not be in jeopardy by flames, but you may be feeling the heat of other difficult challenges right now.

If so, why not take this opportunity of this propitious occasion of this last eclipse of 2018 or go out tonight to a dark place to view the Perseids Meteor Showers (should be excellent viewing with the new moon!) and wish upon a falling star. Or invent your own special occasion --perhaps a celebration of your newly reorganized sock drawer as your token gesture to create order in a chaotic world!

Find some reason to embrace this moment and honor any darkness, burning or chaos. And then infuse this time with the power of your intention to give thanks for whatever blessings you are experiencing and begin a new chapter in your life story.

After this next busy week, I will start a new chapter with my day job and begin the last year of the decade of my fabulous 50s. It's been a very full summer of work/play and my 50s have been the best years of my life so far, so I'm eagerly anticipating this next year.

My hours will be much shorter this school year, so I will be highly motivated and will finally have time to return the creation of the game of Sparks & Leaps!

Last night my employers surprised me with a love and gratitude filled card (with both hilarious and heart melting comments from the boys) and a very generous gift in honor of my one year anniversary with them.

Here is the first picture I ever took of my fearless little adventurers one year ago. I am feeling wonder and gratitude for how life has unfolded so far and curious what will happen next!