Saturday, January 5, 2019

🧜‍♀️Overflowing Magical Gifts πŸ›

Yesterday at an overflowing waterfall.
On the first New Moon of the New Year (featuring a solar eclipse), and on the eve of Epiphany, I am overflowing with gratitude for gifts more precious than gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Some of the gifts have been actual presents over the holidays that have stretched my capacity to receive graciously (knowing I am unable to reciprocate in kind and judging myself for not being able to do so) and some have been gifts of incredible beauty in Nature beyond my ability to fully convey (with either words or photos), as well as Love (even more indescribably beautiful in both the giving and receiving to the point of nearly bursting my heart), and many moments of quiet epiphanies, luminous joy, sparkly delight, and playful fun.

All of this amidst the ever present chaos of my inner anxieties, some minor kerfuffles (with judgment for the others involved followed by judgment of myself for judging them and spending time down that rabbit holeπŸ°πŸ•³), and the cacophony of increasing dissonance in the world around me.

More and more, I am genuinely saying "YES" to ALL of it.

To be clear, there are things to which I say "no". For instance, I work with children and "no" or "stop" can save a life. To say nothing of the scared and belligerent inner children of many decision makers--and not just politicians. Sometimes "no" or "stop" are essential here too.

On yesterday's hike to the waterfall there were many occasions where I said "stop"! 
Also, I live the time and place where there is an overwhelming plethora of possible activities and companions with whom to spend my time. I truly feel like a kid in a candy store, and I know what happens when I overindulge...So sometimes I need to say "no" to myself and others.

What I mean is that I say "YES" to accepting whatever is happening (even while sometime taking actions to prevent harm, which may include a "no" or a "stop") and to trust that there is a gift somewhere within the situation.

Each time I lean into whatever is not comfortable, I feel my heart expanding to make room for more love (which in turn leaves me increasingly vulnerable to heartbreak --because the more people I care about and the more deeply I feel Love for them, the greater the risk).

I'm certainly not asking for the excruciating pain of heart break (despite knowing that it has ultimately benefited me greatly every time).

There is only so much heartbreak I can take in a world where I have the opportunity to take in the anguish of witnessing the immense pain that is available 24/7 courtesy of the devices (including my telephone) that connect me to the world at large.

To say nothing my face to face encounters with those in need.

There are still many ways I guard my heart and I often fail miserably with automatic "HELL NO" responses rather than the calm and kind acceptance I aspire to and advocate in my words to you.

And I say "YES" to that as well, because that's the way it is in the moment. My hope is that being more openhearted towards myself about not being openhearted, I will become more openhearted! So far it seems to be working --just not at fast as I want and the whole lot messier.

YES to slow and messy failed attempts 

According to the astronomers, this New Moon eclipse is a particularly potent time for creating change.

Of course, not everybody believes in astronomy or Epiphany.

They are stories.

And I believe wholeheartedly in the power of stories.

I share stories to offer alternative possibilities for those who might need them in the midst of grim "realities".

I borrow magic from wherever I can find it.  I celebrate as many holidays (Holy days), sacred possible moments in time, and Life affirming stories as I can include in my life. And I share them freely with those who might be too busy to discover them.

What if, connecting to the stories/ celebrations that others believe in, connects us in some way to them and the collective power of their beliefs?

There are actually fascinating studies (some using random numbers generators) that show how when a critical mass of people are thinking the same thought or feeling the same feelings the same time it affects the collective field.

Whether or not the power of magic sacred moments in time to affect my life is real or imagined, it has helped me measurably on more occasions than I can count. Perhaps just because I believe in it.

If you need a little magic at this time in your life, why not temporarily suspend your disbelief (like when you're watching a fun movie). Let your stodgy, logical, rational intellect have a little mini vacation.

A dragon and mermaid I encountered on an adventure with a friend and my little charges a couple of days ago. 
It will still be there, ready for you to pick up the weary load of all of the serious, important burdens whenever you want.

I'm well aware of the necessity of what it takes to survive in difficult times and am not advocating magical thinking and mad frivolity at the expense of fulfilling essential responsibilities.

But I invite you to join me in welcoming the possibility that this moment could be a moment of profound change.

Which begs the questions :

What changes would you like to see in your life at this time and in the year ahead? What gifts and epiphanies would you like to experience?

I am adding my overflowing love (and a little bit of magic) to whatever you most wish for in 2019.

Can you feel it?!